Each Amazon website has bestsellers lists for each product category. For amazon.com the page address is https://www.amazon.com/Best-Sellers/zgbs/. As you can see, left column of the page contains complete tree of product categories. When you choose some category at the left column, the page displays bestselling items for this category. The url of page contains some identifier that contains category name (for the top page in category) or category name and some node id (for the inner pages), for instance


Colored part is an unique identifier of any category in category tree (top-level categories have not part with digits). With this identifier we can:
  1. Get link to page of this category on the Amazon's website:

  2. Get link to search results page for this category:
    Parameter 'sort' can be:
    featured-rank - Sort by Featured
    price-asc-rank - Sort by Price: Low to High
    price-desc-rank - Sort by Price: High to Low
    review-rank - Sort by Avg. Customer Review

  3. Get link to Bestsellers page (in fact, it's the page that was used as a source of identifier):

  4. Get link to Hot New Releases page:

  5. Get link to Movers & Shakers page:
    Please note that this data is available only for top-level identifiers (without digital part), for identifiers of inner categories Amazon shows the "sorry page".

  6. Get link to Top Rated page:
    The current version of Amazon website has not special page for this data and just redirects this request to the search results page, sorted by the average customer review:

  7. Get link to Most Wished For page:

  8. Get link to Gift Ideas page:

All these products lists are hourly-updated and are available as RSS-feeds:


Top-level RSS URL does not contain digital node part:

Inner-level RSS URL can be shortened:

Each RSS-feeds contain data (name, image, rating, link with ASIN, etc.) for the first 10 products in each list (see visualization in online RSS-reader) and can be used for automatical creating website content. For instance, Best Deals Tracker uses databases with complete categories trees and RSS data to show actual hourly-updated product lists in thousands of categories for Amazon's websites in 13 countries. See more examples of websites at the Amazon Categories webpage.

To make all the links in the RSS affiliate just add parameter 'tag' with your tracking ID to the RSS-feed url:

Not only amazon.com has these features, these pages and RSS-feeds are available for any Amazon website. See links formats in the free trial versions of Amazon Categories database (links.txt file in the free trial archives).