Amazon Categories is a database set that represents complete categories trees of Amazon's sites.

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What data does Amazon Categories contain?
Amazon Categories database contains the following fields:

parentid ID of parent node, contains "0" for the top-level nodes.
id ID of current node. Top-level node ID is just a name of top category ("appliances", "mobile-apps"), all other nodes' IDs contain name of top category and some unique digital code, separated by slash ("appliances/3741261", "mobile-apps/2478834011").
category Name of top category that contains the node ("appliances", "mobile-apps").
node Unique digital identifier of the node ("3741261", "2478834011").
name Name of node used in the navigation from left sidebar of Amazon's website ("Books & Comics").
urlname* Name of node used in the URL of the node's page ("Appstore-Android-Book-Comic-Apps").
longname Name of node used in the node's page title ("Book & Comic Apps").

* urlname field is applicable to some English-language Amazon's stores only
What data formats are available?
Database contains the following files:

data.csv Database in canonical CSV format (tested and compatible with MySQL):
data.txt Database in alternative format with values, separated by vertical bar:
magento2.csv Database in Magento2 format (beta version):
"2","default","26","Cooktops","Appliances/Cooktops","3","1","","Appliances-Cooktops","1","PRODUCTS","","","","Cooktops","appliances cooktops","","","1","","","0","0",""
"2","default","27","Dishwashers","Appliances/Dishwashers","3","2","","Appliances-Dishwashers","1","PRODUCTS","","","","Dishwashers","appliances dishwashers","","","1","","","0","0",""
tree.txt Structure of categories' tree represented by the name field in tabbed text format:
links.txt Links formats that can be built with Amazon Categories data.

How Amazon Categories database can be used?
Using data from Amazon Categories database you can build links to:
  • of any category on Amazon's website
  • ...any rating page (Best Sellers, Hot New Releases, Movers & Shakers, Top Rated, Most Wished For and Gift Ideas, if these categories are presented on the Amazon's website) for any category
  • ...RSS feed of any rating page for any category
All the possible links formats are described in the links.txt file.
Something new?
Yes, database in Magento2 format is added.
Are there examples of using?
Yes, the following websites were created with Amazon Categories Database:

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